The EZ College Storage process is simple, quick and can be entirely managed through our website. If preferred you can also call in your requests if you feel that's easier. After you place an order, we’ll deliver your empty boxes along with your packing materials – which will include an inventory form and other helpful packing information. You simply pack your boxes and then schedule a pick up date, we will retrieve and store your items for you during the summer months. Prior to the start of school you will choose from predetermined dates and we will redeliver your stored boxes and items.


Yes, EZ College Storage will not store perishables, liquids, explosives, jewelry, fine art or any illegal substances or drugs recognized as illegal by the U.S. Government. All packages must be packed appropriately and securely.
Yes, we can supply packing materials such as bubble wrap and tape at your request. All fragile items must be wrapped in bubble wrap.
We deliver serialized locks with every EZ College Storage Box when we drop them off. Once they're packed, you lock them and you keep the "key". Barring legal intervention, EZ College Storage will never open your boxes without your express permission.
We will drop off the boxes and materials about a week before finals. There will be predetermined times and dates for pick up of all packed boxes and items about a week later.
YES, but we do supply boxes for free so we ask that you use our EZ College Storage boxes. We do require that all non-furniture items be boxed. We understand that some items, like bicycles and other smaller, awkward items cannot be boxed and we can take those items ‘as is’. If you have plastic bins we can store those if you prefer as well.
EZ College Storage dimensions are: 27" long x 17" wide x 12" high..... Although we only carry one size box, you are more then welcome to use your own boxes or bins. However they will be priced as an unboxed item. Those prices can be found on our pricing tab of the website.
Sorry, but we’re not allowed to pack boxes on your behalf. You are responsible for securely packing your belongings.
EZ College Storage can store those odd size items that might not fit in one of our standard boxes. Generally, if one person can carry it, we will be glad to store it for you. These items require special handling and will be priced accordingly. Common items include: Luggage, Coffee Tables, Office Chairs, Mini Refrigerators, Bicycles, Window A/C Units and Area Rugs
EZ College Storage will store rugs, lamps, and small to medium pieces of furniture. As a guideline, we limit furniture to pieces that may reasonably be carried by two people. Just be sure that furniture is ready to be moved and drawers or cabinets are empty. Please refer to the pricing section for more specialized pricing.
We store all items in our nearby, secure facility in Westchester, NY. Furthermore, EZ College Storage owns our storage facility. We never hand your belongings off to a 3rd party, so you know they’re in excellent hands. Our facilities are designed for the safe storage of household goods, including boxes and furniture. We ensure your items are safely stored to prevent damage in storage. We have 25 years of experience and will store your items with industry standards.
Yes. To ensure the safety of your items we limit the weight per box to 35lbs.
We don’t allow public access at our facilities for security reasons, but please contact us if you have a unique situation. We make storage super simple by picking up and delivering your belongings to you so you never have to visit a storage unit again.
We can! We ship via FedEx. We will bring all of your things to the FedEx facility, send you their quote, and then our quote including time and labor. You will receive the tracking number immediately after your things are shipped out. Please be aware that we are not legally allowed to ship refrigerators, as the coolant within is considered hazardous.
There is no insurance plan offered by our business. We have found out that most homeowner’s insurance policies will automatically cover your possessions away from home at no/for a minimal charge. Please check with your parents’ insurance agent or your own if you carry your own policy.


When ordering, you will have the option to choose between predetermined dates for your school. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail and your items will be delivered to you on the Box Drop Off Date.
We will contact you about a month before your classes begin to set up your delivery date.
Our business relies on our customers to be punctual; we serve dozens of students a day on our busiest days. Customers more than 15 minutes late to their scheduled pickup/delivery time will be charged $25. They may need to be rescheduled and will not be prioritized. Please be on time!
Yes, you may reschedule your appointment without any charge 24 hours before the allocated pickup/delivery time. There is a $20 fee for changes made within 24 hours of your pickup/delivery.
Our movers will contact you about 15 minutes before they arrive to drop off or deliver your belongings.
Immediately call 914-861-5377 or email us at We are an inexpensive service because we strive to keep to a specific date and time.
Yes, we can deliver anywhere within 3 miles from campus without charging extra fees. A $40 fee will incur if the delivery location is more than 3 miles from campus. We know some universities have several campuses so please contact us if you have a specific request.
Yes, we understand that some students will not be living on campus or in dorms. We will pick up and deliver to you even if you live in an apartment or personal house.
No, you don't have to be physically present at the delivery. You may designate a friend, family member, or roommate as your proxy. We just need a person to confirm the pickup or delivery of your belongings and sign the paperwork. We will need all contact information of your proxy prior to delivering your items.


We price our storage based on the number of items and boxes you store with us. Visit out pricing section to learn more.
You will be billed the day of your pick up.
We accept all major credit and debit cards along with cash and checks.
We have designated free pickup and delivery days for our summer season only. There is a $30 fee for pickup dates and delivery dates other than the announced free dates. Those free dates coincide with the vast majority of student moving.
In order for us to present the most efficient service possible, we ask that you follow our Storage Guidelines. There will be a $20 packaging fee added to your total if we must package your belongings properly.
For an additional $30 ($50 for furniture), you can opt for us to move all of your packed belongings from your room down to our van. You don’t have to do any work – just make sure it’s all packed for us, ready to go! Just click our Room Service option when you confirm your appointment through our online scheduler.